tulare taxpayer money goes to lone pine



Tulare Hospital taxpayer money has been loaned to Southern Inyo Hospital in Lone Pine, also managed by HCCA. 

You will see they got check for $1,125,000 from state
On pg 14 (click learn more below) they pay back TRMC 100,000 line of credit

This was from Sept minutes listed in Nov meeting.......Mr. Fedchenko asked about SIHD’s line of credit. He remembered when signing HCCA’s contract they also signed for a $500,000 line of credit, he thought was with HCCA. Later at another Board Meeting they were presented with another line of credit to sign, he thought was with Tulare Regional. When Mr. Germany is showing these figures of $300,000+ that SIHD owe, does that incorporate both of those? Mr. Germany stated that the borrowing is set up with Tulare Regional (TRMC). TRMC is a Healthcare District just like Southern Inyo (SIHD). They are both political subdivision of the State. Both are public hospitals. This qualifies for public supplemental funds. Set up a certified public expenditure, get it matched and send it back. In order to get those funds you may have to partner up with another public entity like TRMC so you funds can qualify. Right now there is no money at all in terms of HCCA; there is from a management agreement perspective but not the actual line of credit.

Can you recall any TRMC board meeting authorizing TRMC to help finance Lone Pine? Neither can we.