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For those of you that have followed this movement, you are aware that the only way we can achieve transparency and accountability of the Tulare Local Healthcare District, is by removing the one board member that has had so much control over the past 20 years. 

Some argue that he has done so much good for our community. This really isn't a debate on what he has done for the community, nor is it about his clinical expertise. We believe strongly that clinical issues...should be dealt with, within the Medical Executive Committee (MEC.) Since January, as a board member, he was self-selected to remove the peer-elected MEC. That trial will play itself out in February, obviously paid for by the district. 

This is an indictment of his performance as a board member only, and why Dr. Kumar must be recalled. 

He has controlled recruitment for many years, which has left us with limited providers for our community size. He has led the hospital to have horrible in-patient census numbers. This means very few citizens use our hospital. 

All the while he has significantly, financially benefited from the District. Including a more than doubled rate for on-call to $600 per day for everyday of the month, for a total of $18,000 per month. This also happened in January. 

He is the person that did not want to terminate a CEO that was losing money in 2012 and was failing at building the Tower. Instead, he rehired the same CEO to lose more money and pay him $1 million settlement. 

He is the same person that voted against an audit of bond money in 2012. He was also on the board when the audit, magically stopped. He has been deceitful as a board member, including a direct lie to the community in regards to a supposed recent $800k line of credit. 

He sat on the subcommittee to select an alignment partner and chose someone with no experience (HCCA), then proceeded to give HCCA (Benzeevi) a $3 million a year contract, which is just unheard of for a hospital of our size. He also allowed the District to not have separate legal representation, but instead an attorney that represents HCCA, the alignment partner. 

We will be recalling Dr. Kumar. It is time for him to leave the board and focus on being a physician. You see in the attached picture, the map of his District in blue.

Click the map to view larger. 

If you are in his District and are either interested in collecting signatures or signing the petition, please message us.

We have until January 3rd to collect signatures and our goal is to get at least 1600, just under 1100 is required. 

Help us to take back our PUBLIC hospital. Be a part of this necessary process. 

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